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9 Volt NiCd Batteries Wholesale

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Powerex 10 Bay 9 Volt Smart Battery Charger

$76.99 USD

10 Bay 9 Volt Smart Battery Charger

$59.99 USD

8 Bay 9 Volt Smart Battery Charger

$59.99 USD

4 Bay 9 Volt Smart Battery Charger

$42.99 USD

50 x 9 Volt NiCd Batteries (120 mAh)

$218.69 USD

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 Wholesale 9 Volt NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) Rechargeable Batteries

Nickel Cadmium batteries (abbreviated NiCd) are rechargeable batteries, very commonly used today in many consumer electronic devices.  They are often used in radios and many other power-hungry equipment.

9 Volt NiCd rechargeables have a lower self-discharge rate than NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) chemistry which is a good thing and they are therefore, less expensive, but the down-side is that they can experience “memory effect”. Memory effect is a resulting effect which means “reduced total battery capacity due to a battery being recharged before it has been fully discharged”.

If you simply only charge your 9 Volt NiCD’s when they have become fully discharged, no memory effect will ensue.

We always mention that no NiCD 9 Volt cells ought to be used in smoke detectors. They take 9 Volt size batteries yes, but it is only recommended to use non rechargeable batteries in smoke detectors to ensure they will not become discharged quickly. Rechargeable batteries self discharge at a much quicker rate than non rechargeables. Other terms used to describe non rechargeable are: single use, throw away and disposable.

Recharging before empty, causes the battery to “remember” its’ now lower capacity limit so when charging your 9 Volt NiCd’s, it’s best to wait until the batteries have been completely drained of power (they are "dead"), before re-charging. In this way, you will not reduce the overall power limit of the battery - in effect, you will not change the "memory" level of the battery and as such, you will be protecting your investment, as well as the performance of the batteries.

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